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Win Apple Reviews For Your Podcast From Other Podcasters

Enter a free daily lottery-style drawing for your chance to win integrity-based listens and reviews for your podcast

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How it works

How PodcastLottery Works In 6 Steps

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  • 1Register your completely free account.
  • 2Listen/Review shows to earn more "picks".
  • 3Use your "picks" to select numbers for the lottery.
  • 4Check daily to see if your numbers are the winning numbers.
  • 5When your numbers win, you earn reviews for your podcast!
  • 6Repeat steps 2-4 every day for more chances to win.
apple Only Available on iPhone

How To Register

Open this same website ( on your iPhone and you'll automatically be able to register your completely free account.



Frequently Asked Questions

As of {{([0].analytics_date / 1000).toNumber().toDate().formatDate('MMMM dd, yyyy')}}, a total of {{[0].total_reviews_won.toNumber().formatNumber(0, '.', ',')}} listens/reviews have been won by PodLottery members!

Through access to Apple's APIs, the PodLottery's system automatically conducts a regular audit of each review a member claims to have left, to ensure they did indeed listen and then leave a review. Additionally, the PodLottery audit checks to ensure that each review left was a unique, thoughtful review.

PodLottery is 100% free and always will be. It's a fun way for podcasters to get more listens/reviews with no fees involved! (Thankfully, PodLottery is fully paid for by revenues from and, so we don't have any pressure to make money with PodLottery! Enjoy!)

No. PodLottery is a lottery which, as such, has no guarantees. If you want to improve your chances of winning, you can listen/review multiple shows. You'll then earn more picks, which you can use to select numbers, and if any of your numbers are drawn, you can win more reviews! But again, it's not guaranteed. (You're more likely not to win than to win.)

We're sorry, at this time PodLottery is strictly accessible for iPhone users. This is due to the fact that the Apple Podcast App is required for leaving a review. The only way we can track that listens/reviews are happening is through an iPhone.

PodLottery is a web app, meaning there is no app to find in the app store. To use PodLottery, simply visit from your iPhone's web browser.

We at created PodLottery to help hosts do two things; First, to get more listens/reviews on their shows, which they aren't getting right now. And having more reviews helps the show stand out more. Second, to find and get to meet other great podcasters. We've found that podcasters love to meet after listening to each other's shows, so we wanted to help that discovery process! And lastly, PodLottery is designed to be fun for podcasters! :)

Apple reviews do NOT increase your podcasts' ranking. Apple Podcasts confirms this in their public documentation here: Apple Reviews help podcasters continue podcasting because each review adds an extra level of motivation and encouragement.

Thanks to our connection with the Apple Podcast team directly, we are not only able to verify a listen and a review, but also have built AI that can tell if a review being left is thoughtful, generic, or a "copy/pasted" standard review. PodLottery does not tolerate spammy, or hateful reviews and will block hosts that don't follow our guidelines.

Yes. In fact, we consider it to be the world's most intelligent AI-driven lottery system. It's designed to make sure it's fair for our members, not to avoid winners. It's completely randomized and there is no way for us to manipulate winnings or the algorithm.


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